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Read the importance of having Tenants Insurance

Daily dozens of tenants find a room to live in. House share Bristol is preferred by those who have enough money and room share UK by those who do not have enough money for having their own room in a house.

Because of the lack of money many tenants avoid to make a tenant insurance and sometime this thing cost them a lot more than if they made an insurance from the beginning. To be sure that everything will be alright our advice is to accept only tenants that have a tenant insurance. This tenant insurance will make things much easier for you, even if it is a really advantage also for your tenant.

When you decide to rent rooms in Bristol, you should know that working with people is very hard. You can let an agent to decide everything for you or you can do everything only by yourself. If you choose to do everything it is better for you, because in this way you will see your possible tenants and you have the right to choose.

A tenant insurance will cover any damage a tenant can have. In case of fire, smoke or theft your loose will be covered by your insurance agency. This is much easier for you in case you have such a bad luck and for your landlord because he will receive his things back earlier.

Just think about how much time and money you will need to replace everything. Money you do not have and you will be forced to make a loan to pay it. It isn’t safer and easier to make a tenant insurance? It will cost you a very few money. You have for sure a laptop, a smartphone, a TV or any other expensive gadget and you have the chance to protect them with this tenant insurance.

But, this is a document that has to be chosen after you read everything. Never trust an insurance agent because he will always try to sell you less than you deserve and he will try to convince you that it is how he said even if it is not. After you buy it and sign it, everything will be clear.

Some insurance can try to avoid to pay you for some important things if you do not read it properly before sign it.

When you decide to be a tenant, you can rent an entire house or a room. If you do Flat share Bristol you have to pay more attention to everything. Of course, renting a whole house will cost you a lot more than if you rent only a room, but you have a lot more advantages than if you do house share UK or room share Bristol.

Our advice is to choose what you need and what you can afford and all necessary information you will find on our website.

Cleaning Helpers London

Cleaning Company in London built on trust

Cleaning means patience and paying attention to the details. Not any person has this qualities, even if they like to have a clean house.

We are sure that at least once in life any person observed the fact that a clean house means a cleaner mind. So, to keep your mind in peace, you need to have a clean house.

Most of the people want to have a clean property all the time because they want to keep them healthy. But, not everyone has the necessary time to do it how many times it is necessary.

Even if you have or not time for cleaning, you need to take care of some aspects from your house as: the garbage (especially decomposing garbage), the moisture, the mold or the rot. Any of these lead to diseases because lack of cleanliness in any way can cause a disease, especially a respiratory one.

The mold and the rot are the source of many infections and diseases, so you need to remove it immediately!

Perfect cleanliness, light and attention for hygiene in all details of home life are essential to keep you away from illness!

To be sure that you will be kept aware from all of these, you have to hire periodically a professional cleaners team.

If you choose right, meaning Cleaning Helpers company the results will amaze you! They will help you to keep your house clean all the time, no matter if you have time for cleaning or not, or if you like to do it or not. You need to hire them before getting mold or rut in your house!

They will arrive at your house with everything they need to make your house clean! They have special cleaning products for every type of furniture and surfaces. Also they have solutions anti mold or rut. They will refresh the houses air and they will remove every danger of illness.

Why you can trust us?

You will find many recommendations and reviews where our customers gave their opinion about us. You will find a nice and respectful team, that love to clean and to make you happy. You will see their professionalism from the first moment because their hand moves and also their work is successful organized and they will not make any mistake.

If you have a special corner or place you want them to clean deeply, you can say it to them.

If you have any other preferences, they are also available for listening to you at



Add Professional Carpet Cleaning to your End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you want to clean your house, you must know that in our services is not included carpet cleaning. No matter what kind of cleaning service you choose: End of Tenancy Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, One off cleaning, Move in or Move out cleaning.

You need to pay extra to have your carpets washed. All the services include only vacuuming your carpets, not washing them.

How often you need to clean your carpets?

Well, theoretically at least once a month, especially if you have little children because they play on the carpets and they will put their hands on the carpets. After that, they will put the hands in their mouth for sure. In this way many bacteria, microorganism and other things that can affect his life will be introduced in their body by their mouth.

Even washing carpets once a month, is not enough for your child, but you need to do it at least once to keep him safer than if you do not do it. Cleaning carpets at our company is a really take care of your child health. We use antibacterial cleaning products to keep him safe.

The air from your room will be fresher than before and you will feel it for sure! Why? Because your carpets contain oil, debris and other that damage the quality of your indoor air. You will be taken away from asthma, eczema and other diseases!

You need to know that our cleaners are attested to clean carpets because they finished a course and they get a diploma. The course was done together with NCCA- National Carpet Cleaners Association, so they learn how to wash them perfectly and what products to use to totally clean them.

What our cleaners can do for you?

  • They will come to get your carpets and they will move the furniture to can take them if they need to.
  • They use professional cleaning products and also they use protective treatments to be sure that your carpets will look perfectly!
  • They can clean your carpets even in weekends, evenings or national holidays without having to pay extra.
  • They are available for you, day by day, all day, no matter what hour it is.
  • Our team is communicative, professional and happy to help you.

So, when you need to clean your carpets, do not do it by yourself! Call Clean&Clean for a professional cleaning!

Rottweilers – your best companion

Animals are the best company for a man, especially dogs. Rottweilers are the best, but they can be a little rough for many people, that is why they need a special caretaker.

Here are some general facts about dogs, that even Rottweilers have them.

One from the most amazing facts is that they are very intelligent for an animal. You can compare them with a 2-year-old child. They understand many words, almost 300 words and they also understand your gestures because they are almost as us. They can also do simple math calculations. It is amazing, isn’t it?

You believe it or not, they miss you when you aren’t home! We are sure that dog lovers already see it. They feel also when time is passing. If you have some habits, they know when it is time for them. They will always know when it’s time for your dinner (not only their dinner), when it’s time for you to go to work, to take a bath or other routines of yours. If you will go on a vacation and you let him with a neighbor or somebody else, he will cry and will wait for you until you come back. When you come back he will be so happy to see you then he will forget that you let him waiting for you so long! They will also know when it’s their time to take a walk because they will connect having put their harness with walking.

Also, when they are trained to work for someone especially for police or military army he will know when it’s time for their duty and they will be serious and ready to work, but when their harness is off they will know that for that day their job is finished and they can play, eat or drink quietly.

Dogs and especially Rottweilers have a great exert of pressure. They can exert almost 320-330 pounds of pressure and it is completely awesome because a man can’t do it! Their mouth is always ready to tear if they receive for meal something hard as a bone or meat or even they or you are in danger. They also have more teeth than humans! It is completely amazing how Rottweilers are superior to humans in these situation because they can be great bodyguards for their owner. They will defend his owner only if he is loved by him.

Here is a great fact about their senses: they smell almost 9 million times better than a human and they hear sounds that are coming from far apart (almost 4 times further than a man). For example, dogs have almost 200 million of scent glandes and they can detect sounds that reach almost 45000 hertz. The part with smelling is explained by the fact that they have a part from their brain specialized for smell and it is almost 40 bigger than a human one. Isn’t it awesome?

The most important thing about them is that they can feel your feelings. They feel when you are upset, happy, worried or sick. They will try to make you feel better, stay in your arms and give you all his love to make you feel better. For example, they smell your perspiration and that will tell them if you are nervous, sick or fearful!

Now, we will talk a little about how you can take care of a Rottweiler. First of all, you need to learn about their behavior, habits and personality. You must be sure that it is the right choice for you because it has a strong personality. You need a trainer for him that has experience with Rottweilers and know how to act with them to make these dogs listen to you. Do not forget that they will become large dogs!

You must vaccinate your Rottweiler puppy on time to dodge them from disease. Also, you must put your Rottweiler to make a lot of exercises. He must walk almost 1-2 hours per day, but not all the time once. Once an hour and two 30 minutes walks or 4 minutes walks every day. He is a big dog and you must let him be healthy and strong by putting him exercise every day. He must run, tear and play. Also, you must feed him with the right meals to make him stronger and healthier! You must do bath your Rottweiler quite rare because the shampoo is bad for them. Never wash him with your shampoo!!! You will do worse than wash him 2-3 times with dog shampoo!

cleaning a city

London cleaning companies

In London cleaning companies offer many options to people who want their house clean. They satisfy all kind of preferences because they want to please all the people that require a cleaners teams.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London services are multiple and ready to satisfy all your requirements. If you are a tenant that want to move out and you have the obligation to let the house perfectly clean, you should hire a professional team to do it for you!

What End of Tenancy Cleaning London services can give to you?

  • Lease Cleaning in London which cover all your areas, surfaces, rooms, electric appliances and furniture.
  • End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning because it is important for you and your landlord to keep it clean as you found it when you move in.
  • Our checklist includes also Upholstery Cleaning because it is important to let them clean and well-groomed too.
  • Cleaner’s teams provides professionalism also if you choose: After Builders Cleaning.
  • One Off Cleaning Services for your entire house
  • Move in Cleaning because it is important to you as tenant or to your landlord to have a clean and healthy house even if you are moving in, not moving out.

Why as a tenant you should choose End of Tenancy Cleaning, End of Lease Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning together?

The answer is because End of Lease Cleaning London services hasn’t included carpet and upholstery cleaning too. It is important if you want a tenancy cleaning London service to let the entire house clean to your landlord; in this way you provide respect to him for letting you stay in his house.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning provides a professional tenancy team that use the best professional equipment, products and methods to clean all your carpets. You should know that tenancy cleaning London service have all carpet cleaners trained with NCCA. (NCCA is a body for setting standards in carpet and upholstery cleaning and it is the only recognized)

Upholstery Cleaning includes: sofa, dining chair, armchair and curtains. You get also: steam cleaning, pre-treatment, Scotch-Guard treatment and deodorizing. All of them are very important to you as a tenant because they have to be well-groomed. Sofas, armchairs and so on contain bacteria and microbes and it is important and your responsibility to clean all of them when you move out.

Your property own will be pleased if you choose our tenancy cleaning London services because we provide to you the best professionalism that will let your rented house shining.

Rottweiler’s diets and health tips

Rottweiler are beautiful and strong dogs. Rottweiler lovers and owners want to keep them safe, healthy and happy because it is important to protect and love your dog.

How can you keep your Rottweiler dog happy? He needs you love, affections, time to play games with him and of course he needs a healthy diet with good food for its health and strong.

A Rottweiler’s diet.

As all dogs, Rottweiler’s are also carnivores, so they need to eat meat: a lot of it, because it keeps them strong. But people who don’t have enough money to but always meat for their Rottweiler’s use grains to substitute meat and it is bad for dogs. It is cheaper, but not good for a Rottweiler as meat. If you feed your dog with meat, he will be definitely healthy and in this way you control their weight. If you feed your Rottweiler with grain you will not control his weight as well as you use meat to protect him from diseases.

Grains and cheaper meals contains chemicals and preservatives that are very bad for your Rottweiler. Instead of keep him healthy, the food you give to them will bring to your dog diseases and you do not want that. Even if you feed him with meat food bought from pet stores you must pay attention at ingredients: they could contain chemicals too.

Meat has to be the main food for your Rottweiler. Meat and meat meal as: chicken, turkey meal, herring meal, but never: wheat, soy or corn because they are bad for him.

Because it is a strong and massive dog, with muscles that will make him growth very much he need very much proteins to eat. If you feed your Rottweiler dog with very much proteins (a high protein diet) you will keep him away from getting fat: proteins are excreted through kidneys so it will never be overweight.

If you have a puppy Rottweiler, you need to pay more attention to his ingredients food because he needs more proteins to develop his muscles and build the necessary strength. For example: a puppy needs 24-26% proteins in their food and an adult: 22-26%.

Fat is also needed but it has to be chicken fat or beef fat. A puppy needs 15-18% fat and an adult 11-16%. Puppies need more fat because they have higher energy than adult and of course because they consume it in their growth. It is important for your dog health and weight to not eat very much fat! You do not want him to be overweight and ill.

room hunters UK

Important tips for room hunters

Room Hunters are people who search for a room or house share in London because it is the capital of U.K., one from the most visited cities in the world and one from the most wanted placed to live, room hunters are growing with thousands year by year.

Why it is better in London to be a room hunter than to buy your house?

Prices in London are very expensive when it is about buying houses or flats that is why it is in the people advantage to rent a room or house than to buy it. Because renting is a big business, landlords do not want to sell their houses. If they rent it, they will win more money in time. So, houses for sell are very few and expensive. Being a room hunter, lodger or tenant is also good for you, because you do not have to spend so much money on a house.

If you choose to be a lodger than a tenant in London, you will feel like home because all the house is yours. You do what you want when you want, without having problems that you will disturbing your landlord or other household members. A tenant does not have these advantages but you can only at: !

How landlords can find people who want to live in their house

If you are a landlord in London and you want to rent a room from your house or your house, you can find someone who likes your offer easily. You just have to make a post on a website with all your conditions, all your house offer as: kitchen with dishwasher, bathroom with washing machine, beds, air condition and so on, where the house or room is, your price, photos with the place you rent and your number for contact!

After you post your offer on the website, room share London people will see it and contact you if they are interested in. Do not worry! No matter what are your conditions, always will be someone that will like and want what you offer!

As a room hunter in London, what is important for you to know?

It is necessary to pay attention at your desires and search to find what you need. It is important to feel comfortable in your next place to live, but also you need to have respect for your landlord, roommates or your household members if you are a tenant or to pay attention to not disturb your neighbors if you are a lodger. Pay your rent always on time to do not have trouble and make you comfortable wherever you stay! Your responsibilities are quite big because it is not your house and if you damage something, even if you will repair it, you have big chances to have troubles with your landlord!

cleaning services

Cleaning services in London

Cleaning in London is an essential thing in everyone’s life. It keeps you safe from different diseases caused by bacteria and microbes found in dirt. It is also recommended to have a clean house when siblings and friends come to your house to visit you and your family, because it means that you respect them.

If you have a job which makes you busy all the time and your soul mate also, you should choose to hire for a day a cleaning team which will makes you house to shine. Even if you are not that busy, it is recommended also to hire such a team and install Tenancy Cleaning London in your house!

Why you should choose cleaning services instead of doing it yourself?

You should do that because it lets you have more time for yourself and your family.  It is known that cleaning for London people is a very important thing to everyone, but family, your friends and of course, yourself are just as important. Cleaning means very much time lost, time which you can spend making people happy with your presence. A clean equip will also make a professional work, with patience and they pay attention to everything to not let a place perfectly clean. Many time, people does not have this patience, to clean everything perfectly. These are the reason for that you should hire a team from a cleaning company and put an End of Tenancy Cleaners!

What cleaning in London companies means?

Choosing a service from a cleaning company means professionalism and the right choice! They offer you all you need at very good prices. During this time you can spend some time out with you friends and family and be sure that everything will be safe! The purpose of a cleaning team is to make you be satisfied and happy about their work.

What they offer with their cleaning package offer?

They will make all your house and property shine if you want that. But, for some places you have to pay extra. In the basic package they offer:

  • Kitchen cleaning;
  • Bathroom cleaning;
  • Bedrooms cleaning;
  • Leaving rooms cleaning;
  • Hallway and stairs cleaning;

That includes furniture, electronics and windows on the inside. All except windows from out, walls and carpets. Chemicals, tools and the equipment will arrive once with the team and they use professional products and End of Lease Cleaning London.

What are other services offered by a cleaning company?

Spring cleaning! This is used by the people who do not hire a cleaning team regularly, buy they want it once a year, in the spring. All your property will be clean, except windows from out, walls, gardens, balconies and garages.

Carpet cleaning is another option you can choose. Also, you can opt for an office cleaning and domestic cleaning.

Rottweilers story

Every person needs a friend and the best friend a men can have is a dog, because these animals offer attention, affection and loyalty. It is quite difficult to choose one of them; they are all beautiful, but each one of them is unique and have their own characteristics. That makes dogs suitable for every preference and desire, but it is important to love, protect and take care of them.

One of the best choice, if you look for a guard dog, who is also intelligent, with a strong temperament and has a muscular body is Rottweiler. But this breed is good only for people who love to train dogs and spend very much time with them. Another very important thing is that everyone who want one, must buy a puppy Rottweiler, otherwise they cannot train, teach or make them be calm and protective with his new family.

Rottweiler has its origins in Germany and it was used to pull carts or drive cattle’s. Nowadays, they are used by police and military force, because they have an imposing appearance, force, agility and a protective nature.

They can reach a very large size with the adequate food and train. It is known that Rottweiler’s are very intelligent, devoted, fearless, protective, with a strong force for work because of their muscular body, but also warm and calm if you train them properly.

It is critical for every Rottweiler lovers and buyers to train them and spend a lot of time with them. They can tend to be aggressive and this characteristic can be avoided by the owner. The most important thing is to be his friend, not only his master. Rottweiler lovers have to be patient, calm and have the ability to train dogs to be also calm, friendly and have an intelligent and controlled temperament. People has also to socialize with them and make them socialize with other people without be aggressive. It is hard to do that, but once someone did it, a master won a friend for life who will be loyal, warm and protective with him and his facility. They will need attention all the time, otherwise they may become aggressive and uncontrollable.

Furthermore, Rottweiler’s need a lot of exercises which will be enough for making them lean; all of these are made to spend their energy to not turn into aggressively. It is important to pay attention to not suprasolicitate them because they need only to be controlled and be kept in shape, not to have damaged their health. Another thing that is important is to not let them run on hot weather.

In conclusion, an owner has to be a best friend for his Rottweiler, always prove to him that he is loved, protected and appreciate to make them be the same!