Rottweilers story

Every person needs a friend and the best friend a men can have is a dog, because these animals offer attention, affection and loyalty. It is quite difficult to choose one of them; they are all beautiful, but each one of them is unique and have their own characteristics. That makes dogs suitable for every preference and desire, but it is important to love, protect and take care of them.

One of the best choice, if you look for a guard dog, who is also intelligent, with a strong temperament and has a muscular body is Rottweiler. But this breed is good only for people who love to train dogs and spend very much time with them. Another very important thing is that everyone who want one, must buy a puppy Rottweiler, otherwise they cannot train, teach or make them be calm and protective with his new family.

Rottweiler has its origins in Germany and it was used to pull carts or drive cattle’s. Nowadays, they are used by police and military force, because they have an imposing appearance, force, agility and a protective nature.

They can reach a very large size with the adequate food and train. It is known that Rottweiler’s are very intelligent, devoted, fearless, protective, with a strong force for work because of their muscular body, but also warm and calm if you train them properly.

It is critical for every Rottweiler lovers and buyers to train them and spend a lot of time with them. They can tend to be aggressive and this characteristic can be avoided by the owner. The most important thing is to be his friend, not only his master. Rottweiler lovers have to be patient, calm and have the ability to train dogs to be also calm, friendly and have an intelligent and controlled temperament. People has also to socialize with them and make them socialize with other people without be aggressive. It is hard to do that, but once someone did it, a master won a friend for life who will be loyal, warm and protective with him and his facility. They will need attention all the time, otherwise they may become aggressive and uncontrollable.

Furthermore, Rottweiler’s need a lot of exercises which will be enough for making them lean; all of these are made to spend their energy to not turn into aggressively. It is important to pay attention to not suprasolicitate them because they need only to be controlled and be kept in shape, not to have damaged their health. Another thing that is important is to not let them run on hot weather.

In conclusion, an owner has to be a best friend for his Rottweiler, always prove to him that he is loved, protected and appreciate to make them be the same!

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